Vintage Arms Scotland: A shooting club based in Edinburgh. When those of us who had run the Scottish Classic Pistol shoot joined and asked if they were interested in running a Classic Rifle Shoot they were more than keen, and have run a very succesful shoot for a number of years. This years shoot will be held on Sunday the 21st September at Castlelaw range just south of Edinburgh. See the club website for details. www.vintagearmsscotland.co.uk 

Historic Arms Resource Centre: Set up a few years ago they started a website on British and Commonwealth Training Rifles. This grew and grew, and is still growing. It is now one of the best researched, illustrated and put together websites on firearms. Although dealing with mainly .22 rifles there is a wealth of other information especially on Rifle sights by BSA, Alfred J Parker and Parker Hale. Well worth a look. www.rifleman.org.uk 

I am rather wary of 'Forums' as they tend to attract a lot of 'Experts' many of whom are idiots and some of whom are dangerous idiots. Others have shall we say 'To much fruit in their cake'. However I can and do recommend 

www.milsurps.com Not only is it well moderated but it covers a multitude of topics. I have found the Lee Enfield Forum VERY useful.