This website is seriously out of date as I was taken into hospital in September 2015 and finally got out , minus two legs, in June 2016.

I will have to start thinning out the collection of 'Bits and Pieces' I have acquired over the years and so will advertise them here when I remember how to change photographs and headers on this site.Please bear with me as I hope to get the edit finished in May 2017.

The photographs below are Bisley MANY years ago, the Longyester range used by the New Pistol Club, taken from the top of the backstop. The next two are the infamous range under the taxi rank at Waverley station. It was pretty foul and flooded quite often. We left it and wound up the New Pistol Club just after the Pistol Ban. The last picture is a Sec7.3 pistol in use at the Tameside Shooting Sports Association Ltd range near Manchester.

I am now learning to shoot from a wheelchair with my club Vintage Arms (Scotland)

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Antique Firearms and Militaria